Editorial – We’ve lots to be thankful for

October 10, 2019   ·   0 Comments

ONE THING OUR POLITICIANS seem to agree on is that there are many things wrong in Canada today, whether it be budget deficits, too-high taxes, a lack of phsrmacare or a need for more action on climate change.

However, on this Thanksgiving weekend, surely it’s time to look at some of the good things we’ve come to enjoy.

A starting point would be our medicare system which, with all its failings, is still vastly better than the health-care system in the United States, where Americans pay twice as much and perhaps 40 million have little ot no protection from erious illnesses.

We should also be thankful that Canadians’ divisions in opinion are almost tiny by comparison with those in the U.S. on subjects like gun control and immigration.

And for those of us living outside the Greater Toronto Area we should surely be thankful that the gang warfare that’s so prevalent now even as close to us as Brampton has not yet reached us, with its attendant soaring murder rates.

And this year in particular, we should give thanks for the weather that has led to good crops and reasonable pricing of produce.

On top of all that, we should be thankful that our Thanksgiving takes place about six weeks before that in the U.S., where it’s just a month before Christmas and a time when we’ll likely be digging out from heavy snofalls.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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