Doug Ford must go

August 17, 2023   ·   0 Comments


I’m sure that Conservative voters find corruption as abhorrent as other voters. I suspect that many Conservative MPPs are disgusted with their own government’s billion-dollar gifts to selected developers. Even those who think it appropriate for politicians to line the pockets of their friends, must cringe at the incompetence behind the rezoning of Greenbelt farmland. 

Corruption is bad for business. It is difficult for a reputable business to compete in a dishonest economy. Fraudulence at the top of society sets the standard for the rest. This kind of billion-dollar boondoggle tells the world how Ontario operates. The actions of Doug Ford and his cronies should be everything the Conservative Party opposes. 

Ontario needs all political parties to have honest, ethical, competent leadership. Conservatives MPPs need to step up and remove the rot from the Party. Come next election, voters should be choosing the best platform, competence, and vision. Voters should not have to choose between honesty and corruption.

Rob Strang

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