Do you still want to believe him?

October 28, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Since Stephen Harper was first campaigning for the position of Prime Minister of Canada 10 years ago, by my personal recollection, he did not keep his words after he deceitfully persuaded Canadians to believe him and his false promises made to Canadians and the country back then.

With my own two very important and serious examples, he said he would do something and he didn’t. And then another time, he said he wouldn’t do something, and then did.

How could anyone trust someone like that? Ten years ago, Canadians believed his false promises, gave him their support at the election polls to defeat the Liberals and to become our new Prime Minister, but were afterwards forgotten. It finally took 10 years for the country to see what kind of man he was and to get him out of power, hopefully for good.

Now, let us see if he will even do what he said he would do if he did not win with a majority. He said he would resign. And I suppose that also means to resign as leader of the Conservatives and also means federal politics. Or does it? I call his bluff!

I don’t believe Stephen Harper has it in him to resign.

I don’t believe he knows how to be anything but a politician first, and then a politician who has to have the power.

During the election campaign, he said that he would not lead a coalition government if his party only won with a minority number of seats. I didn’t believe him then, and I don’t believe him now.

I do believe Canada is now fortunate that he did not even win with a minority. He will not, and cannot listen to anyone but himself. I believe that If his party would have won with a minority, he would have come up with some good sounding, convincing excuses, to go against what he said he would not do, and would have stayed on as the prime minister of a minority government.

He proved it to me when I first voted for him and helped get him elected 10 years ago. And I have been trying to get him out ever since. But no one would listen until this time.

It still took 10 years for the truth about him to sink into the lives of enough Canadians. But for too many people, it’s sad that they have to wait until the pain gets too unbearable for them before they will decide to do something and get some help. And in this case, they were able to vote this guy out, and hopefully for good.

So now, let’s see if Stephen Harper will resign like he said he would. It’s doubtful he will. Because, I don’t think he knows how to exist being anything but a politician.
Any wagers to the contrary, anyone?

Gordon C. Snell


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