Debra Jones launching The Successful Healer at Museum of Dufferin

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By Constance Scrafield

“This is a reference book about the life of an entrepreneur,” said Debra Jones. “I want people to go to The Successful Healer.” 

She told the Citizen, “I have been working as a mentor for healers and what I discovered was a vein running though all of them. I interviewed 20 different healers all around the world through Skype. I created an online group called the Successful Healer.”

The interviews provided an amazing result: “They were actual healers with the same questions. No matter where they were in the world, everybody had similar ways of dealing with the same problems.”

Part of the solution to struggling alone with questions is “when you’re on your own, you think you’re on your own but there are others with questions and problems like yours.”

She continued by making the point, “Business advisors talk about money but there is a human matter, the human side of business.”

Ms. Jones is a “Mentor for healers. I do run a program where I’m one-on-one to listen to what their issues are and I simplify things and help them see their paths clearly. 

“There’s a difference between your certificates: chakra healing, axiatonal realignment (a way to reconnect your energy to force energy) these are not conventional language.”

There are other certificates to earn, two more are, “Reflexology and even massage therapy.” 

Still and all, she made the point, “The problem is going from the certificate to the practice. Help is needed if they are new to healing, they don’t even know how to put a website together, how to put yourself out there..”

What about helping healing the healers themselves? This is Ms. Jones’ concern for those she has helped..

“Usually, there was some heavy wounds that had to be cleared in the healers. So, we would go to the healing room [in my home] and clear any blockage, which is exciting to be able to move forward.

“One thing that I’ve been noticing now, rather than help the ‘newbies,’ I’ve been helping people in the business to help re-align to where they are today with their values, their awareness – their dreams – they’re stuck in a rut. Also for preventing burn out.”

“People who do past lives,” she began to talk about the business, “I do some myself, mediums, I teach energetic hygiene – clearing yourself of energy that isn’t good for you, strengthening your energetic field so that you’re confident within your boundaries.”

Debra Jones, born in the UK, came here when she was 19 for an adventure.

“I wanted an adventure; I came over as a nanny and never went home. I love it here – the land, the people, the life that you can have here. That felt more accessible – your dreams can come true here. I love the freedom. 

“In England, I was handed down a belief of things that you’re expected to believe; I never did tow the line. I don’t think I would have gotten into healing there. I love it here. You have the opportunity here to create the life that you want.

“Healing – life threw me a curve ball and I decided to look the other way and I wanted to make a difference and so, I looked for that.”

She has studied extensively. “I decided to become a Feng Shui Practitioner. I was working in interior design and I was working on energy in buildings but the persons in the building also had to have their energy harmonized. I did reiki. I was given an opportunity but I wanted it just for my family but the reiki path took me. I allowed it to carry me along and it got bigger than just me and what I wanted to do . It connected me with what is. I loved it; it’s exciting.”

“The way I see it is, my focus is always on the human journey that is shared with me – the people that come to me. It’s their journey. So, I offer different perspectives for them, to them to chose. Mine is more listening than talking. Knowing that it isn’t about me.

“A part of the book covers that as well. Archetypes do have a tendency to take over.” 

She quoted, “The wise one is not the one that knows.”

About her book, “The chapters focus on the chakras: root fears to the crown and everything in between. I learned the chakras on the job; they taught me.” 

The launch for The Successful Healer is taking place at the Museum of Dufferin.

“I know Nanci Malek. I wanted to keep it real. It is simply a gathering place that we are there for the purpose of wanting to be together. A celebration of people coming together, not a focus on sales,” she remarked. 

“I have created an on line group.Those were the main people. Those that are healers but it’s also a book about being an entrepreneur. 

“Judy Martene is Master of Ceremonies. 

“I will be doing a reading but this is a celebrations of being together. A lot of the contributors that are in the book are attending that day too. So, it’s a celebration of them too. 

“I did self-publish. I had to learn about the publishing business with a lot of YouTube videos and lots of researching. It took five years from concept, three years to write, to publishing.

“I want to focus to helping healers more. Have a collaborative of healers helping healers. I’m very excited we’re starting to see the world becoming a nice place.That’s what I want for the world.”

In Ms. Jones’ personal life, “I have a son and a step-daughter and I live with my wife. She will be there – absolutely.”

Said Debra Jones, “I want people to know that when you know yourself – who you really are, you make better decisions. You need to meet them where they are. When you’re heard, then there’s no resistance.”

Debra Jones’ celebration and launch of her book The Successful Healer is coming to the Museum of Dufferin this Saturday, October 19 at 2:00 p.m.

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