County reconsiders, approves funding for Pan Am events

May 20, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Orangeville Councillor Don Kidd walked away from County Council a little happier last Thursday, having persuaded Council to reconsider and accept his request for funding for Pan Am events to be held in Orangeville this summer.

Addressing County Council during its  Public Question Period, he asked whether he had heard correctly that County had voted against the funding.

The ‘rumour’ was confirmed by Warden Warren Maycock.

The events, to be held during the Pan Am Torch Relay’s visit to Orangeville on June 12 and 13, will be rather large, with a budget of $25,000 set aside by the Town of Orangeville for planning purposes.

“The Committee that I am Chair of is organizing the event, and we’ve applied to the County to help us cover the cost,” explained Councillor Kidd. “As you know, many residents from Dufferin County will come to the event.”

He added that part of the event will take place during the Orangeville Farmer’s Market, which supports a number of farmers from across the County, and will result in a much larger attendance at the market that day.

“This market helps farmers from across our County, and the event will cost Orangeville a lot of money to put this on,” he said.

“I would ask County Council to please reconsider and to make a donation. Any little bit helps. Please, think of the residents in your area and the farmers of your areas, who will be bringing in more than usual. Basically, I’m here begging for a nickle and dime.”

The discussion to consider a donation was made later in the evening, during the approval process for the General Government Services Committee’s funding choices for 2015.

Mayor Darren White of Melancthon expressed his concerns about whether it would be appropriate to give to one community for events, but not to the two other communities which would be holding Pan Am events, Shelburne and Mono.

“The other municipalities didn’t ask for money,” said Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver.

“Is our decision-making going by the assumption that either all ask for funding or no one gets it?

“I don’t agree with that. Orangeville has asked for the funding. Is there a better reason why we did not fund it?”

While there was no discussion about Shelburne’s events, Mono Deputy Mayor Ken McGhee explained that the Town of Mono felt it was their responsibility to put on the event, which was why they did not ask. Mono Council chose to set aside a small budget during its Budget process earlier this year, but felt that the event could be hosted with a smaller budget.

The issue for Orangeville is that the event is aiming to be much larger, with the hopes that more attendees from across and outside of the County will come out to the event.

“It’s almost like a once-in-a-lifetime event,” said Mayor MacIver.

“We received a request from the organizers, and I feel it was a legitimate request. I will put the motion forward that we do support Orangeville’s request and provide funding.”

County Warden, and Deputy Mayor of Orangeville, Warren Maycock, seconded the motion, which will see $2,500 provided to the Events Committee to plan the event, which will represent 10 per cent of the $25,000 budget set aside by Orangeville Council.

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