Council approves 3 projects for Canada 150 funding

June 3, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Orangeville Council held a special meeting Monday night to discuss possible projects to submit as part of a grant application to the federal government for its Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017.

Although the item had initially come up for discussion at last week’s regular council meeting, it was determined that having an entire meeting dedicated specifically to potential projects would be preferable.

Prior to the meeting, Town staff worked to put together a list of potential projects that might meet the criteria outlined by the government, to apply for up to $1 million in funding.

In order to qualify, the projects where funds were being requested would need to have at least 50 per cent of the funds raised through other means.

Out of the 20-something options listed by staff, the ideas favoured by council included renovations to the Mill Street location of the library, renovations to 172 Broadway (with the potential to use the space as an arts and culture hub), an expansion to the loading platform, track, building and parking lot of the Credit Valley Explorer (and also a potential use as an arts and culture centre), more work on the creation and rehabilitation of several trails in town, and the rehabilitation of Newton Drive and Rustic Crescent.

Despite both Councillors Nick Garisto and  Don Kidd plugging for the road projects, Council rejected them on grounds that while they are necessary, roads do not fall under the purpose of the grant, which is to assist in an infrastructure project which could have a remaining legacy.

All of the projects on the list had previously been identified as needing to be done, meaning that although they were not items on the Town’s 2015 Budget, they would likely be in the budget over the next coming years. In order to fit in with the criteria provided by the government, the project selected would need to begin in 2016, and have had significant work done to it by 2018.

After two hours of discussion and presentations by members of Council, Council voted to approve three projects –  the Library, 172 Broadway and the Credit Valley Explorer.

The Library (looking for 33% funding from the grant for a total estimate project cost of $275,000), 172 Broadway (33% funding, $600,000 estimated project cost) and the Credit Valley Explorer (33% funding, $455,000 estimated project cost).

If the grant application is approved, the three projects will be included in the 2016-2018 budgets.

Council passed a motion to send the projects to staff to complete and submit the grant application by the June 9, 2015 deadline.

The total $150 million in federal funding includes $44 million for Ontario, which will be divided among groups and municipalities the government feels qualify for the grant.

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