Could it happen here?

October 6, 2017   ·   0 Comments

PERHAPS THE MOST DISTURBING aspect of Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas was the ease with which it was carried out.

All that was required was a secretly warped mind, an ability to purchase deadly weaponry and a seemingly easy way to get it all into the 32nd-floor room of a hotel a block away from an outdoor country music festival.

Compare the scenario with the situation in Toronto’s Rogers Centre, where there’s even a hotel with rooms overlooking a stadium that can easily handle twice the crowd of 22,000 targeted in Las Vegas.

However, we obviously have tougher gun laws here than in Nevada, where there’s no limit on the number of firearms anyone can purchase and no ban on converting assault weapons into fully automatic killing machines of the sort employed.

And two things we don’t yet have in Canada are the current divisiveness found in the States, and polling that shows most Americans agree with the National Rifle Association that their gun laws are too restrictive.

Perhaps our hotels might have their rooms checked daily for the presence of firearms.

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