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October 28, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Congratulations to all the 2015 winners of the Dufferin Business Excellence Awards, except for one.

Please enlighten me as to how a PLASTICS company – even one that recycles PET from our blue boxes – can be called sustainable, let alone how it can be the WINNER of the Sustainability Award?! Plastic is not sustainable.

Full stop. This year’s winner, Shelburne’s Blue Mountain Plastics, produces these recycled water bottles for an American water bottling company, Ice River Springs Water Company, located in Feversham.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you’ll have missed the developing plastic nightmare polluting our land and water, the endocrine disrupting/ cancer evidence from ongoing research into chemicals leaching from plastics, and the companies like Nestle sucking our resources dry for American profits.

This brings me to a question I’ve been pondering since moving back into town: who is our county’s or town’s environmental watchdog or regulator of businesses?

Do we have one?

Or maybe we need a new set of awards to keep businesses in line? How about the Town of Orangeville sponsors the Award for Businesses Off-gassing Closest to Residential Town Properties?

I will nominate Clorox for the Glad bag stench that makes me feel ill several times a week as its toxic reek makes its way all over town.

Don’t be fooled by the green washing of big businesses that feed off of a sick system, and destroy our environment at our expense.

A.G. Lewis
via email


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