Committee reports dominate latest Mono Council session

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At Mono Council Tuesday evening councillors dealt with a variety of committee reports. Of interest, they discussed and deliberated on Earth day, Military Service recognition participation, and the Headwaters Streams Committee. (HST). For Earth Day this year Mono is planting 29,400 trees. The overall goal world-wide is to plant 7 billion trees, which equates to one tree for each person on the planet. In addition, Recreation Director Kim Perryman told of arrangements with the County of Dufferin to supply each interested resident with two free additional garbage tags and two clear plastic bags for the pick-up of debris found along their property lines.

Mono residents are welcome to come into the town office to pick up their tags and bags. The County has absorbed the cost associated with this service. Information regarding the Earth Day events along with Mono’s planting of the trees has been posted on the Town’s website.

The Military Service Recognition Book helps us honour our past and present day Veterans in print form with full biographies and photographs. To do this, submissions are being collected at the local Legion Branches and with the continued help of our Veterans, their families and friends, this special publication will be released by September 2016 and in time for next year’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies.

A Minimum 20,000 copies will be available free of charge at local Legion branches and most importantly the book will be provided to schools and public libraries to help the younger generation better understand the sacrifices made by our veterans.

The Military Service asked the Town of Mono to insert a Veterans Support/Remembrance Ad in the Military Service Recognition Book. Much discussion resulted regarding this initiative. Councillor Fred Nix is fine with supporting the program while Councillor Sharon Martin and Mayor Laura Ryan would rather provide a donation to a local legion. Councillor Ken McGee shared that Mono has been supportive of the military in the past. However, this has always been done through the legions in Shelburne and Orangeville. In sum, the overall concern is that the Military Recognition Book is an Ontario event, not a local event. In the end Councillor Nix suggested that Mono spend $325 on a 1/10th page colour ad. The motion passed unanimously. Lastly, the Headwater Streams Committee (HST) was created by Town of Mono by resolution on March 13, 2012.

The committee is to work with existing groups such as conservation authorities, stewardship groups and others to channel grant money, donations and volunteer citizen participation into those projects that monitor, protect, enhance or rehabilitate surface water flows in Dufferin County.”

The committee has 11 members who live in various parts of Dufferin County. To date, seven projects have been undertaken and/or are in the planning stages. They are as follows:

1) aker Creek Rehabilitation project

2) iant Hogweed Control project

3) VC-Mono 3rd line cattle-fencing, watering project.

4) NVCA – cattle fencing project, Amaranth

5) TRICA – tree planting (2014) in a re-claimed wetland, Palgrave forest

6) TRICA – tree planting (Sept 2015), Glen Hafnyl

7) Mono – fish barrier inventory

The Baker Creek Rehabilitation is the largest ongoing. In 2015 over 700 trees were planted on both the east and west sides of the new creek channel feeding the Nottawasaga River. In addition to the tree planting, a small pond to the south of the main pond was eliminated over the summer of 2015 with volunteer labour (no expenditures of money).


Written by Todd Taylor

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