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Dear global citizens,
I am a lover of nature, a mother, working professional, plus many other roles. I am deeply concerned about where we are as a planet in this moment. A code red for humanity issued by the UN is a wake up call if you’re not already awake. We need immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gases now! We can do it! Together. Regenerative growing practices can sequester greenhouse gases, store them in the soil and use them nutritionally. Check out Kiss the Earth doc for more information. On a world-wide scale, we can shift the current degradation of our earth in this way. Yes! We want our soil alive not dirt dead.

According to the UN, within a mere 60 years our top soil will be gone. We have 60 harvests left unless we pivot now. Small scale regenerative farms and ranchers are making this shift and rippling out health, wealth and well-being for all. Let’s support them! Let’s each contribute our unique gifts to heal our world and re-remember who we really are. The children of Mother Earth and she wants her children back. Now is the time to reconnect. Munay


Julie Moore 

Mono, Ontario

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