Children’s Traffic Dampening Signs being considered by Town

January 21, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

With several residents making their own traffic dampening signs, stressing to drivers that kids live and play along the road so they should slow down, Orangeville Council is looking at using ones that are official.

Council approved a joint motion from Deputy Mayor Andy Macintosh and Coun. Todd Taylor on Jan. 10, which notes that a Children’s Traffic Dampening Signs has been implemented successfully in Melancthon and may be beneficial in the Town of Orangeville.

The motion continues, “Therefore be it resolved that staff be directed to research options regarding the implementation of a Children’s Traffic Dampening Signs program and report back to Council.”

“These signs are certainly more attractive than a handwritten piece of cardboard saying slow down,” said Deputy Mayor Macintosh, with respect to homemade traffic dampening signs.

“I just think it’s an interesting concept, this whole thing, and I know we’ve got an overall traffic calming study that’s scheduled for February 28, to be presented to council. So, I’d like to piggyback on that and just [have this] incorporated into that report.”

Coun. Debbie Sherwood noted the traffic dampening signs may help OPP officers with speed enforcement.

“We’ve just implemented a 40 [km/h] speed reduction. I’ve been told by many OPP officers I spoke to that we have a full traffic team, so this might also give us a chance for them to beef up on their enforcement of that,” she said. “How it was explained to me today by officers that I had a conversation with, is when our speeding was 50 [km/h], and someone was going 60 [km/h], they didn’t give them a ticket. Now somebody who is going 60 in a 40, they’re getting a ticket, and people are starting to learn that.”

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