Brian Lockhart’s ‘Cost of Compassion’

December 16, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Mr Lockhart hit the nail on the head by his Dec 10 2015 article. He stated what probably 90% of Canadians think and believe and the Trudeau government knows it and yet still insist going against the peoples wishes.

You thought that Harper was a dictator wait until this drama teacher is finished. The Vets,homeless,average people with children working and paying high day care costs, seniors on fixed incomes facing unprecedented high cost of living,students struggling to pay of debts and getting a job and this nincompoop wants to bring 50 k refugees here.

Why are Gulf states not taking them in?

Justin, take care of your own than help the others and listen to the peoples wants and not what you believe in.

You a wealthy individual use taxpayers money to pay for your children’s day care is way out of line and as I stated to you in my recent letter you are one heck of a spoiled brat. Shame on you and your party for destroying this wonderful country.

Peter Jovic

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