Blog claims Caledon is the happiest of Canada’s 100 largest cities

May 25, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Zachary Roman

Orangeville is going to have to raise its spirits a little higher to compete with a neighbouring municipality who was recently named the happiest place in Canada by a real estate blog.

Point2, the blog in question, recently created a “happiness index” for Canada’s 100 largest cities and put Caledon at first place.

It did this by analyzing 30 “happiness-related metrics” such as median after-tax income, poverty rate, perceived health, sense of belonging, commute time, rainfall and air quality.

The cities in question (Town, in Caledon’s case) were then given a score out of 100. The blog noted none of Canada’s largest cities ranked high in every metric, meaning Caledon was highest with a score of 67.

The blog found that the top five happiest cities in Canada are all in Ontario. Caledon tops the list, with Milton, Halton Hills, Clarington and Burlington following. 

Out of the top 100 happiest cities, here’s how Caledon ranked in the blog’s four happiness categories: Economy and real estate, 12th place; location and demographics, 11th place; health and wellbeing, 12th place; community and environment, 11th place.

While Caledon didn’t quite rank in the top ten for any one category, it did do well across the board.

“Those who’ve been to rural Caledon know how stunning the experience can be,” writes Point2. “Expansive, green landscapes, perfumed orchards, wellness retreats, and a pinch of conserved 19th-century architecture make Caledon a postcard come to life.”

Caledon’s Mayor Annette Groves has been proud to announce the happy news, mentioning it at her inaugural spring business lunch and at several recent business openings.

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