Better Green than Blue

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In her closing remarks at Shelburne’s all-candidates debate, NDP candidate Reyha Yazbek endorsed Green candidate Karren Wallace’s positions, enthusiasm, and grassroots principles before advising the audience that the Greens won’t form the government so there’s no point voting for Karren.

She bizarrely suggested they vote NDP because they might win the most seats.  This party centric mentality is the scourge of modern North American governments. Dufferin-Caledon polls have the Conser-vatives winning with the Greens in a strong second place.

If Reyha really likes Karren Wallace I suggest she vote for her, and maybe encourage her NDP supporters to do so as well. This is one seat that the Greens can take from the Conservatives. And the Conservatives are the most party centred of the bunch.

My favourite quote from Sylvia Jones is from 2013 after I called her out for voting in lock step with her party, She said, “I’m a member of a team and my team’s leader is Tim Hudak”. (Orangeville Citizen, Jan. 31. 2013).  Good luck getting her to stand up for Dufferin-Caledon.

As I see it an elected MPP is a member of a team of 108 members of parliament and their leader is us. Their job is to work effectively with every other member of that team to serve our interests.

While Tim Hudak whines that “coalitions are flawed because they require parties to compromise” (Globe and Mail, May 30. 2014) any reasonable kindergarten graduate knows that compromising is valuable and positive. Since being elected in 2011 Elizabeth May has been twice awarded “Parliamentarian of the Year” and once “Hardest Working Parliamentarian” by the members of her team, the 308 members of Canada’s parliament.

So the real choice for D-C voters is whether they want to risk having the grumpy old ‘you can’t play in my sandbox’ Conservatives win the most seats or whether they want to elect one great Green member who will work effectively with everyone for everyone.

Paula Conning

Former DC Greens President


All Hail Harper


Imagine the audacity of a lowly Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada to rule against our fearless Leader!? Even wither mere few decades of service she should have known our Politicians are above the lawn.

Now really our CAESAR, OUR Prime Minister and SUPREME LEADER are even allowed to question His wishes?? Why even His personal aide fell on his sword committing political suicide for our Commander and Chief and the sake of the party. Where have we heard that line before?

It’s common knowledge many leaders of various government watchdog groups have been fired, discredited, or the group has been disbanded.

Even the Nation Chief of the First Nations was smart enough to tuck tail and run failing to please HARPER THE ALL MIGHTY. Even while world leaders fight to reduce carbon emissions MONSIGNOR HARPER seems to be pushing to expand the oil industry while brushing our environmentalist scientists aside.

Great, the oil industry makes millions, create a few thousand jobs for now, while possibly leavening a scorched Earth for future generations. But of course, this is all just one uneducated observation of an old working class stiff.

You can legally change your name, as many times as you like, but your DNA will always remain the same. Coming from a working class family that for generations leaned Conservative, now faced with the reality the Conservatives disappeared years ago, but the Reform party is alive and well and very much in power. Not saying we don’t need a shake up or improvements to the political system, but at least do it for the good of the country and future generations and not power and greed of the privileged few now.

With no parties or leaders that honestly care about our county or future generations, evening choosing the lesser of two evils seems futile! With less than 50% of voters voting (and declining) in this me, me world, what’s to stop any government from eliminating elections just to save money? If the people do not care why should the politicians????

R. G. Dolson


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