Astros grand slam ends game for Giants

June 4, 2014   ·   0 Comments

It was one of those games were a single inning determined the outcome of the game.

After leading 2-1 in the early going, the Orangeville Giants gave up four runs in the sixth inning when Lisle Astros hitter Jamie Gillespie put the ball out of the left field side of the park a for a grand slam homer that cost the Giants the game.

It was Gillespie’s second home run of the game after hitting a solo run homer in the first inning.

The Giants were playing good game but not getting much on base.

Matt Drury hit a single in the fifth then followed up by stealing second base, but the Giants couldn’t advance and the side retired with no runs.

They failed to get a man on base in the sixth inning.

The Astros brought in another run in the seventh inning when an error at second advanced a player to third. Another single brought that runner home for the final run of the game and a final score of 6-2 for the Astros.

Giants’ coach Nathan Drury said the grand slam homer wouldn’t have happened if the Giant’s didn’t make a couple of errors that loaded the bases.

“We got on the bats early and got a run. We were up 2-1 for the first four innings of the game, but the bats just died. We had a chance in the last inning with the bases loaded but that’s the last chance we had. Defensively we did okay. When the grand slam happened two of those on base were from errors. Two of those runs weren’t earned. They were on errors, so that’s what’s tough. If those two didn’t happen it could have been a different ball game.”

The Giants loaded the bases in the bottom of the seventh inning but the couldn’t finish and had to settle for the loss.

The Orangeville team won their first game of the season but haven’t been able to repeat yet.

They currently have a 1-4-1 record.

The Giants will play seven games on the road before returning to Orangeville.

They will be back at Springborok Park on Sunday, June 22, to host the Barrie Angels.

The first pitch is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

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