‘Amazed’ at report recommendations

July 29, 2015   ·   0 Comments

As a very large tax payer in the Town of Orangeville, I find it amazing at the recommendation of Powell & Associates in conjunction with Cyril Hare & Associates on the status of the Fire Services of our Town.

Ask a consultant for a report, and you will surely get an extensive report as that is how they justify their existence.

It was only a few months ago that our Fire Chief asked for a special second Prevention Officer. This new group of recommendations is suggesting that we hire an additional Deputy Chief as well. The present ten (10) full-time staff is complemented by thirty-four (34) volunteers.

The consultant is recommending an addition of ten (10) more full-time staff and an additional five (5) more volunteers.

The study shows that in 2013 there were 1,290 calls and 2014 a very similar amount of calls was reported. Study shows by far the greater number of calls are related to traffic accidents, of which most are not of a life threatening kind.

Although the study recommends these increases in person power be instituted over 4-5 years, it is premature planning for four (4) full-time persons for 2016 and four (4) more full-time persons for 2017. The study goes on to state that the number of responses is generally trending upwards, but the figures here do not reflect that.

As for the recommendation in the study of construction of a Fire Hall in 2017/2018, I would hope that this is not an additional Fire Hall as we surly cannot justify a second Fire Hall. The present Fire Hall has enough land to enlarge the existing Fire Hall if that is what is needed. The present Fire Hall is very centrally located.

The last statement in a local newspaper states the following:

“Any increase in tax rates to accommodate the costs of providing a full-time Fire Crew at all times should be offset to the residents of the Town by a decrease in the fire insurance rate impacted by the improved insurance rating of the Two by the FUS (Fire Underwriters Survey).”

This is not an entirely accurate statement as insurance companies set their rates mostly on the structure of a building whether the builder’s structure is up to today’s standards and codes.

In the case of a larger building insurance companies rates are set on whether there are fire proof walls between dwellings and in some cases the distance from the Fire Station.

My experience has been that any study taken for any reason has been very biased, depending on who orders and who pays for such a study. No one truly believes that the time response for our Fire Department is not up to reasonable standards. This is really a case of the “tail wagging the dog”. Please get a grip on this situation.

Much has been said about the exorbitant property taxes in our Town. We are not getting enough compensation by the Municipalities around us and cannot convince these Municipalities to pay more.


2009 – $80,000.00

2014 – $202,000.00

(2012 – $320.000.00)


2009 – $1,788,000.00

2014 – $2,636,000.00

If you are dissatisfied with the way our Fire Department is heading, than let yourself be heard.


Frank Gray Sr.


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