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April 28, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

Two weeks ago a woman who asked to be called Sophia and who suffered from a treatable condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), died at the hands of two consenting doctors performing a MAID assisted suicide. An affordable place to live which is free of harmful chemicals, like second smoke, cleaning chemicals and so forth was all she needed. Yet no such place was found in spite of there having been two years’ worth of pleading to organizations designated to help with such cases and government officers whose job it is to assist with these situations by Sophia herself, her family and friends.

By the doctors themselves.

However unlikely this story is, given that it is being told right here in Ontario, it happened a few days ago in the Toronto area. Our specific source is this CTV news story, confirming its veracity.

It took place right in the face of the very caring, motherly government that provided for us so tenderly during Covid –19.

Sophia accepted her death – she didn’t really want to die at 51, after all – as a protest of the negligence of our social system that allowed such a waste of life for the sake of – what? Indifference? – they would deny that; lack of resources? No way; straight up incompetence for a small problem in a single case that could not draw a practical and human solution?

Or wait a minute – was Sophia herself the one that provided the last solution and very much to the relief of the bureaus, officials, social workers? Whew – that one found a pretty simple answer. Just do nothing and the problem shoots itself…

Elon Musk, currently on the podium of the Richest Man in the World, said that he would take up the challenge from the United Nation’s World Food Programme Chief David Beasley to donate $6 Billion to save 42 million people from starving to death. He demanded full openness on how the money was being spent. 
If the UN World Food Programme would provide those details, Mr. Musk tweeted, “I will sell some Tesla stock and donate the money right away,” at 9:30 am on October 31, 2021. He was all those details by return of tweet.

At the time of going to press, Mr. Musk sold Tesla shares and donated $5.74 Billion to an unknown charity (Fortune Magazine). None that went to the UN World Food Programme to feed the 40 plus million people starving in 43 countries.

However, there has been lots of information about his successfully buying Twitter for $44 Billion, now “an entity wholly owned by Elon Musk” (CNBC). What is this move? The currently richest man in the world has bought himself a virtual nation? King of Twitter – maybe he will rename it. Rename himself, something to go with the crown and the robes. Historically, there have been Micro-nations declaring their independence from their countries, mere acreage with simple houses and buildings, the owners being crowned as Royalty, printing stamps, minting money.

Perhaps Elon Musk has a similar plan for Twitter, as a king with many subjects all banging away, testing his brand of “freedom of speech.”

It goes on from there, right? Elon takes Twitter on his own trajectory- a curve ball into space with a decision to make about whether he will allow D. Trump back on or not.

Those who don’t like Elon or his re-jigging to the Kingdom of Twitter, will start – and who knows how many? – new social media sites and billions of people trying to keep up with the frenzy of these virtual gold mines will be so distracted by silly dances and botched news reporting – it will seem as though the earth is rotating faster …and faster.

What will be forgotten? Everything or nothing but they will soon be the same thing as the 15-second snippets become all there are as information.

It is too hard to pinpoint the reasons for why things have – in a flash – become so much worse than they were a couple of months ago. Then there were already serious issues to deal with – the climate crisis; the rise of human suffering from conflicts of forgotten causes; here at home, our history darkening our future until we finally stop repeating it.

Whatever made Putin choose this pivotal moment to begin committing war crimes in Ukraine and planting mines in farmers’ fields, based on entirely fictional dangers?

Forty-four billion dollars is a great deal of money. Late in 2021 David Beasley was shouting “Fire!” over the crisis of so many starving people over such a wide swath of the earth. He only asked for $6 million as a band aid for a year’s worth of nutrition. Yet the big $44 Billion, cobbled together by the wealthiest of the world could have stopped famine – full stop.

What it would take to stop the war-mongers might be found in the hearts of those no longer starving and the people feeding them. A whole new movement in the right direction.

Soar, little butterflies.

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