A simple matter of suitability

April 13, 2016   ·   0 Comments

NICK GARISTO is obviously a man of the people, if there ever was one. Strong evidence of the fact lies in his triumph in the last municipal election, when he topped the polls, beating out three incumbents who were in the running.

He also had previous experience on Orangeville Council, having at one point been elected deputy mayor.

That may well have been why Mayor Jeremy Williams picked Mr. Garisto instead of any of the others on the seven-member council to chair the Finance and Administration Committee, requiring him to preside over its annual budget deliberations.

Mr. Garisto feels he has been maligned by The Citizen and at least one of its writers who have portrayed him as ill-suited for the chairmanship, and feels he deserves an apology.

Well, we don’t think that we’ve been unfair but we may have failed to explain our reasoning.

As we see it, Mr. Garisto is well-intentioned and clearly believes everything he says. However, that doesn’t make him a suitable chairperson – a role that we think should be performed by someone who is content to be neutral in presiding over meetings, rather than an advocate who tries to sway others.

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