A plum appointment?

February 11, 2016   ·   0 Comments

I am writing in regard to the article that the Deputy Mayor of Mulmur, Heather Hayes, got her “dream job”. She says she isn’t “there to judge”.  That surprises me, one has to first recognize when they are being judgemental. For example, the current Deputy Mayor and her mates published a condemnation and denouncement in the paper of someone who was trying to do a good job. They had no business to do something so extreme. Their actions were unprecedented, unheard of.

As I recall, there was an investigation to consider some of those matters, the investigator was a lawyer, with an ombudsman function, a duty to justice. His report, a public document, said that she and her mates acted “harsh” and “direct” against the former deputy mayor. Hayes disagreed. Holy smokes, I would say that she acted like a judge AND a jury. Not surprisingly legal action was taken, so I am looking forward to hearing about other times when the current Deputy Mayor was not acting harsh or judgemental. 

Politicians don’t usually fit well as heads of charitable organizations; hmm, must be a plum appointment? Until next time . . .

Old Silver Pen
Jim Pendleton
Mulmur Township

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