I Am Imperfectly Perfect

April 7, 2022   ·   1 Comments

people are born in so many unique times and ways

where anticipation and expectation sometimes clash

someone’s child is perceived perfect

as the child joins their family

milestones are followed through and celebrated as time goes on   

then one day

the child slips into the oblivion

everyone is on a stand still

what to do with the child who is supposed to be perfect?

the child cannot talk, cannot point to things

the gaze is lost to anyone who looks at them

sometimes the child goes on in circles or flaps their hands endlessly like there’s no tomorrow  

the child feels alone and often misunderstood when the child shows rage to themselves or to others

the child loses confidence whenever everyone treats them different

I am perfect thought the child, even if I am very unique

I cannot talk like everyone else but I can speak my mind  

I am strong with a will to live

my challenges are really yours because you want me to be the perceived perfect child

do not be sad do not be worried

I will be fine

listen to my unspoken words and actions  

and continue to love and accept me as how I am

Matthew McGugan

Non-speaking Adult with Autism


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  1. Melodie Vella says:

    Love love love… these are amazing words from incredible young man… who can now speak loudly for others to hear… so proud!!! Way to Go Matthew!!!! xox Love Brayden and family


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