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March 3, 2022   ·   0 Comments

My thanks to Constance Scrafield for her kind tribute to Jennifer Grant who sadly passed away February 2nd, 2022.

I worked for Jen in her store many years ago when it was located where the Citizen Newspaper now resides (10 First Street).

My move to the countryside near the Town of Orangeville was precipitated by a near-death experience at the Etobicoke General Hospital in reaction to an anaesthetic which I now believe to be Halothane.

It left me chemically reactive to many pollutants, including fossil fuels. Checking groceries at Harmony Whole Foods, I began to meet customers similar to me who were experiencing reactions to the chemical and pharmaceutical world in which we live.

With Jen’s support and informative teachings I began to see more clearly how to care for myself holistically and to eat more mindfully. With Jen’s high standards of products allowed to be sold in her store, I learned to read labels and understand that if I couldn’t pronounce a product’s name, likely it was chemical-based and best avoided.

She opened her health food store at a time when health stores were looked upon as an outgrowth of the sixties ‘hippie’ generation and I can still remember that when there was a full moon we would have some unusual and interesting customers coming into the store. 

Today, health food stores are mainstream and while there may still be a few unusual customers at a certain time of the month, I’d say we’re pretty lucky to have Harmony Whole Foods where we can find carefully selected foods which are organic and not chemically-based.

I know Jen’s vision changed my life and that of many others who feel grateful to her and her store, now in the hands of Rowan, whose vision follows Jen’s focus of more healthy living and healthy eating.

I can’t imagine living without Harmony Whole Foods in my life.

Sandy Small Proudfoot


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