Open letter to MPP Sylvia Jones re: ‘Freedom Convoy’

February 10, 2022   ·   0 Comments

Ms. Jones,

I am a constituent from Orangeville and I would like to expeditiously make my voice heard.

I implore you, as the Solicitor General of Ontario, in any decision you make, to consider that peaceful protesting of our governments is still a God-given right in this country. 

Arrest “bad” people who defile our monuments. Arrest “haters” but do not negatively interfere with these brave Canadians who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and speak out.

I believe this is the growing voice of Canadians who are fed up with government control. I believe this movement will grow until elected politicians listen to we who truly believe our freedoms are at stake.

As the woke “Prince of Socialism” Karl Marx declared, “workers of the world unite!” I love the courage of these pioneer freedom fighters.

Ian Fairley


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