6th Annual Ferguson Memorial Walk raises funds for FTP

September 29, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

It is an event born out of a tragedy, but organizers of the Ferguson Memorial Walk are determined to create something good out with the annual event that was held at the Island Lake Conservation Area last Sunday, September 24. The walk takes place every September through the trails at the Conservation Area.

It’s a 5 km walk but many people who are unable to make the trek still come out to support the event and take part.

“This is our sixth year. As tragic as it was, you can’t bring them back so we felt we wanted something good to come from it,” said organizer Gus Bogner. “There’s a lot of women in that situation, hopefully not as bad as our daughter, so we teamed up with Family Transition Place and they filled us in on what they do for women – shelter, counselling, all of that. We created this memorial walk and any proceeds will go back to Family Transition Place.”

Gus and his wife Penny lost their daughter Heidi Ferguson to domestic violence several years ago.

Penny Bogner explained why they chose to support Family Transition Place.

“There are two reasons – one is very dear to our heart – and that’s education. They go into the schools and educate people about having respectful, healthy relationships without violence,” Ms. Bogner said. “

She continued, “They also work with people who have been bullied and people who bully. We think that’s very important. And of course the shelter itself, for women and children. I’m always shocked when people come up to me and hug me and start to cry – that the Family Transition Place has been so important to them. I know people who have been very successful, and they’ve lived at Family Transition Place with their children and it was life-changing and saved their life.”


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