Developers promise new hair product will end ‘tangle tears’ forever

September 29, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Mike Pickford

Two Ontario residents, one born and raised in Orangeville, believe they have come up with the perfect formula to “stop the tangle tears” once and for all, with a new hair accessory designed to make brushing long hair easy and pain-free.

Initially developed by hair stylist Dominic Spataro roughly three years ago, the Hair Angel Pro has undergone several makeovers en route to its current model, which Mr. Spataro and business partner Jaycee Jovic believe will “completely revolutionize” the way stylists, parents and children alike go about getting rid of the dreaded knots in hair.

“I guess I’ve always considered myself something of a thinker and, after one day where I spent 15 minutes brushing knots out of someone’s hair, to the point that I was sweating and the patient was on the verge of tears, I thought to myself there had to be a better way of doing this, an easier way of doing it,” Mr. Spataro said.

And so the Hair Angel Pro was born. Or at least the idea of it was. The general concept of the tool is to comb through sections of hair, locking it into place and then brushing out tangled knots. Because of the lock feature of the tool, Mr. Spataro says you can be as hard or rough as you want in attacking those knots without causing any pain to the individual.

“It’s completely foolproof. You simply lock it in place and go through a section at a time. It turns a long, hard and potentially painful process into a quick and easy one. I’ve been using this thing in my salon now for a couple of years and I’ve had so many parents asking ‘where can I get one of these?’ or ‘Why aren’t these available to buy?’”

Dominic and Jaycee are attempting to rectify that final question. They have launched an official Kickstarter campaign where they are hoping to raise $30,000 to help with production costs for the tool. As of press time, Hair Angel Pro had received 34 donations totalling $2,101. The pair’s aim is to sell the tool for between $25 and $30 retail. They have an offer going right now where a donation of $22 will net you your own Hair Angel Pro.

While he has used the tool en masse at his Cookstown salon, Mr. Spataro has also sent the tool out into the public for some beta testing. One of the men tasked with testing the tool had nothing but positive things to say after using it on his daughter’s hair.

“I am completely awkward when it comes to hair styles and brushing hair, I literally have one hairdo I can do,” Richard Cooper said. “The amazing thing I’ve found with this is that a complete Neanderthal can use it. I’d highly recommend checking this out, it has been a lifesaver for me in the morning.”

Mr. Spataro estimated the tool could easily save between 10 and 15 minutes in the morning brushing knots out of your children’s hair. More importantly though, says Ms. Jovic, is making the brushing process as pain free as possible.

“Nothing makes you feel worse as a parent than having to rip through your child’s hair with a brush, knowing you’re hurting them, knowing you’re making them cry. The Hair Angel Pro completely gets rid of that. As a mom, if I can spend a little bit of money to stop my kid from crying, to stop the pain and discomfort, it’s money very well spent,” Ms. Jovic said.

If fundraising goes well between now and mid-October the pair are hoping to be able to ship the product in January, 2018. From there, anything is possible with Jaycee stating Dominic was already working on prototypes for a similar tool for dogs.

“We want this to be our own little thing, our own brand,” Ms. Jovic said. “Sure we could go the route of approaching hair companies to see if there’s interest that way, but we believe we have something great here. We just need to spread the word and let people know we have an answer to the tangle tears.”

For more information on Hair Angel Pro, or to donate, visit and search ‘Hair Angel Pro’.


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