Townhall players to present ‘Things my Mother Taught Me’

February 9, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Caledon Townhall Players (CTHP) are bringing comedy into the New Year with their production of Things My Mother Taught Me, opening next Thursday, February 16, at the Town Hall Theatre in Caledon Village on Highway 10.

Basically, the story is about a young couple, Olivia and Gabe, who have been dating for years, chose at last to move in together but not in their own town of New York. They opt to shift to Chicago, half the country away from their all- too -supporting parents.

The play opens in their new apartment with their new chair stuck in the doorway, a first surprise, followed by the second surprise: their parents have – all four of them – come to Chicago to do what they love to do most: support their darling children.

However, with the chair stuck in the door to the apartment, necessitating climbing over it to get in; otherwise, the only other access is up and down the fire escape via an unseen window in a room off stage, the potential perils and confusion are an open book to big laughs.

Add to this, the “Polish” superintendent who will surely have his own point of view and take on the English language, is played by Daniel Olien, a regular on the CTHP stage, and you are set for fun.

Written by Kathrine Di Savino, who also penned Nana’s Naughty Knickers, which the group produced last year, the jokes are plentiful and the acting is great, so the audiences are in for a good time, as is usually the case with CTHP.

Directing for the first time with the CTHP, is John Thomas, who is well seasoned in the job, having directed for community theatre groups far and wide. He is, as well, a drama teacher in a Brampton high school. Although Mr. Thomas teaches in Brampton, he lives in Caledon East. Makes him a local.

Coming back to the theatre to join the troupe, is Dale Pringle who used to enjoy walking the boards, as it were, some years ago. His last appearance was 2005/6 . As he is now retired, he has some time and, for sure, the inclination to get back into amateur acting. A very warm welcome back to Mr. Pringle.

In a conversation with Kim Blacklock, producer of the show, she added to the story line by telling us, “This couple both get new jobs in Chicago which is why they finally decided to move in together. The young man, Gabe, plans to propose to his sweetheart, Olivia, on their first night at the new apartment and he tells both sets of parents his plan. So, they all come, unannounced, to Chicago.”

She said, “Things go missing and the building superintendent muddles things. This is a great cast. And they have really jelled, really well. It makes my job easier…”

For this Community Theatre group now in its 54th year, the joy of putting shows like this together brings the participants from as far away as Mimico and Brampton for rehearsals and performance, meaning those of us living locally should make the short drive to Caledon Village on to catch the show and support the theatre.

The show opens Thursday, February 16, runs Friday and Saturday, 17 and 18, with the roast dinner on offer at the Knox Church across the road. Following weekend schedule is Friday, February 24, all evening performances, and two shows on Saturday, February 25: a matinee and evening.

For tickets, call the box office 519-827-5466 or online at


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