Blueberry pie

July 28, 2016   ·   0 Comments

“We are all on the edge,” someone commented in a recent interview.

Thinking beyond that conversation,  we note it may be that there has never been such pressure on the young people of this earth, with really personal threats to their every day, as there is now.

Everywhere they turn: on the news, the internet, their entertainment, their nights out, there are stories of shootings – at nightclubs, restaurants, theatres. Where a peaceful entertainment would be expected, there have been sudden and unexpected disasters – of other young people shooting – shooting to kill.

What makes it all so puzzling and difficult to fight are the sources, both of weapons and ammunition and, then, motivation.

A person who thinks all this chaos is down to one malevolent gang is kidding himself. The Internet is awash in copy cat groups and, even individuals, all very ill, longing to inspire pain and destruction – the bigger, the better, of course, the more intense the feeling of power over life and death; the ego(s) soar and the disease happily intensifies.

This is an age of mental illness, an epidemic, the like of which humanity has never seen, spreading easily and widely with the unrestricted access that the illness has to the people and that people have to the internet, wherein the cruelest and most insane play.

The media has a huge role in all this and the media seems to be happy to do its worst.

With a growing number of scientists, psychologists and doctors begging the press society to limit very tightly the kind of cover they give the shooters, to reduce to nearly nothing their histories, or of those who, so it seems, willingly give themselves a quick but painful death as walking bombs, every gory and ordinary detail of the perpetrators is lashed on the minds of us all.

It is like a celebration of insanity, where the killers are raised to the height of fame, grabbing the attention of every other abused, neglected, deluded, shunned individual who might begin to lust for a similar moment in the limelight , however painful the end.

Who is there to bring to account the real villains, laying their traps throughout the Web, so easy to find, so persuasive in their lies and propaganda?

Yet and yet. What part of the fault lies at our own doors? Did we allow the invasion of Iraq which led to the spread of the likes of the Taliban, with angry, vicious gangs taking on other names and slogans?

Do we even now exercise any control over the Internet, whether privately in our homes or at large where we could protest at the wild-west freedom of all that happens on it? Do we call on authorities to curb the online rampage that trips wayward youth to violence?

There is no point in deciding there is nothing we can do about the state of the world. We all have to think about what can done at all and how we can contribute to the doing. It has been clear for a long time now that killing  – all violence – only delivers more violence.

So, we can begin to reduce the harm and violence to which the young people in our homes are exposed. We can talk to the people we elect, to whom we give our power of being elected to listen to us, tell them that there must be jurisdiction within what is acceptable on line – heavier restrictions on how accessible by blocking new websites based on violence and incentive to violence.

Everything is known as it happens – there are no surprises, in fact, for the whole of Internet movement is followed, meaning that those sites which encourage and nurture violence and terror are known and left to function.

Still. Worry and the fashion for being “stressed” do great harm to our systems. The pressure that we feel from a world we can barely understand, let alone believe we can control, drive us to feel a type stress that generations before now could not have imagined. Our abilities to think clearly and act accordingly are damaged by the ever present world around us and it is important to turn our thoughts away from it.

There has to be time to let our psyches float and enjoy the moment and, to be honest, this can barely be done online. Put the world away and be alone or be alone with your family, your friends. Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Walk under the stars. Clear your thoughts of business and the news. Take the time. Have a piece of blueberry pie…

Then, return to the world and make up your mind to make a difference. In any way you can.


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