Liberal scandals and broken promises recap

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The Liberals promised to fund medically-necessary health care services but they d-listed eye exams, chiropractic care and some physiotherapy failed to unclog emergency rooms;failed to provide autism treatment beyond age six; failed to provide better mental health care; failed to hire 8,000 nurses;  failed to spend “every penny” of the new health tax on health care as promised  then they cut funding for Diabetes.

OPP are investigating Ornge, failed to give the Ministry of Natural Resources the resources to protect fish and wildlife; failed to close coal-fired electricity plants by 2007;

They canceled 2 gas plants at a cost of 1.1 billion dollars and deleted the e-mails on the canceled gas plants

OPP investigating  failed to cap hydro rates at 4.3 cents per kwh until 2006 as promised.

Then they misled us on a 1%  increase a year for 20 years to fund their 87 billion dollar failed energy experiment, smart meters have caught fire and were over budget.

They promised not to raise taxes; failed to stop  the waste of taxpayers’ dollars; failed to  balance the budget every year of their mandate and failed to not add to the province’s debt

They  promised to give taxpayers better value for money while keeping taxes down; Abide by the balanced budget law and now we have the fire sale of 60% of Hydro One.

They failed to govern with honesty and integrity and operate an open and transparent government; they failed to  Implement all of Justice O’Connor’s recommendations. also the OPP are investigating the Sudbury  by-election.

Ross Ayotte

Smiths Falls


‘Something of a head banging exercise’

I have read both of Mr. Hooker’s letters on electric line loss and his attempts to get a constructive response from Hydro One. I empathise greatly, but I suspect it’s something of a head banging exercise since I doubt if anyone in Hydro One is going to confirm his calculations, perhaps the Chief Engineer Line Transmission, whoever that is, and likely only off the record.

He might do better to correspond with those ‘watchdog’ NGO’s who monitor the Ontario electricity generation and distribution sectors.

Then having his calculations and position confirmed what are the next steps. I doubt whether Hydro one is going to change its policy for one Customer.

Now if Mr. Hooker could get a significant following of Hydro One Customers in the thousands he might stand a chance of being heard, but just having read the letter in Monday’s Toronto Star by Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli defending and justifying the sale of 60% of Hydro One I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Again, I agree with Mr. Hooker, and, I imagine, a significant number of Hydro One Customers, this proposed sale of 60% is sheer folly.

Unfortunately the Chiarellis and Wynnes and those of similar ilk will not be around to see or suffer from the gross error of their ways.

You would think that Mr. Chiarelli and Ms. Wynne would be extremely concerned that Ontario has perhaps the highest cost/price of electricity in Canada but it doesn’t come across that way to me.

Tony Howard



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