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Pleased to see praise given

Re – article- Beckie  Morris, designing productions, loving the work

How pleased I was to see an article by Constance Scrafield Dandy, on Theatre Orangeville's unsung hero, Ms Beckie Morris.

All too often, articles tend to focus on the shows, playwrights, and actors, and little given to those associated behind the scenes.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Beckie, for as many years as she has been with Theatre Orangeville, and I can think of no one else that has impressed me more with their skills, talent, and kindness, than Beckie.

Beckie's interest, and professional standards are second to none, and I am sure David Nairn and his associates with Theatre Orangeville know this, only too well.

There are numerous challenges associated with putting a production on at any given time, yet Beckie brings confidence and talent to many of the projects. This in turn often gives directors, playwrights, and actors a sense of ease, while being caught up with all the unsureness, caution, concern, and plain worry,  when creating a show.

While there are gems such as Beckie, throughout the theatre industry, they are often few and far between, and that is a comfort to find for so many professionals, working the stage, throughout Canada, as well as here in Ontario.

I am quite confident that Theatre Orangeville will be keeping Beckie on board for years to come, as it would take a very long time to find someone as equally talented, determined, and as passionate as Ms. Morris has proven so often before.

I highly recommend that those who have not seen a theatre production in Orangeville, to go to one, and when you do, think of the set and its design you are seeing, and you will think of Beckie Morris.

I am thankful to know, and love Beckie for her talents, passion, and compassion, as a person, and I could think of no better letter to write in response to a lovelier person than she.

Congratulations Beckie, and may I see you behind the scenes for years to come.

Jeff Campbell


A plan that makes 

little sense

With the lack of money Kathleen Wynne and her entourage set forth a plan that in the long-term makes little sense!

Selling off businesses which represent future incomes places them in the hands of those that may or may not extort higher rates. For a country that frowns on monopolies our fearless leaders do a very good job of supporting such activities.

By selling off percentages of Ontario Hydro 1 (and allowing beer to be sold in convenience stores, along with other financial ventures unknown at this time) is like a farmer selling his tractor to make another payment!

Four both federal and provincial governments to really do what's best for their constituents and the good of the country, cutbacks on salaries, expense accounts and their benefits would be the best thing for all concerned. This would allow some breathing room for the taxpayers and some faith in their elected politicians to do the jobs they were elected to!

With their lavish lifestyles and their holier than thou attitudes, this will certainly never happen. Even those that are willing to do their best to make a better world are buried by our self-appointed royalty.

After all, this is a private club and no matter how much backstabbing takes place in the news media the handshakes under the table speak for themselves

I still say our elected officials should have their salaries cut back to the same percentage as they reduce health-care, education, seniors and our veterans. This incentive would encourage them to handle our tax dollars with respect for the good of all concerned.

R. G. Dolson,

Shelburne, Ontario
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