Orangeville resident a star of The Stanley Dynamic on YTV

March 11, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Orangeville teenager Charles Vandervaart is starring as “Larry Stanley” in a new TV series, The Stanley Dynamic, launching on YTV next Thursday March 19, at 7:30 p.m.

The series also features special guest stars Michael Gross, Scott Thompson, Seán Cullen and Colin Mochrie.

The Stanley Dynamic is promoted as a new hilarious live action, multi-cam sitcom about a typical family with a big twist – one of their twin sons is animated. The 26 x 30-minute series, co-created by Ken Cuperus, produced by Amaze Film + Television, with animation produced by 9 Story Media Group.

At the core of the Stanley family are 14-year-old twins Larry, played by Charles Vandervaart (Murdoch Mysteries, Camp Rock 2), and his cartoon twin brother Luke, voiced by Taylor Abrahamse (Beyblade: Metal Fusion), who are navigating their first year of high school and trying to fit in. Luke prefers to stay under the radar, but his ability to stretch his body like a wad of gum keeps him in the spotlight, while Larry’s love of attention constantly backfires and results in him getting into a lot of trouble.

Luckily, the twins have the support of their cartoonist dad, Lane, played by Michael Barbuto (Banner 4th of July, Nip/Tuck), who chronicles the family’s adventures in his online comic strip, “The Stanley Dynamic”; their overworked mom, Lisa, played by Kate Hewlett (Remedy, Degrassi: The Next Generation); and their bug-obsessed, genius sister, Lori, played by newcomer Madison Ferguson.

Despite the fact that Luke is a cartoon, in the eyes of the Stanleys and the world around them, Luke is accepted as a regular kid living in a three-dimensional world. Together the Stanleys juggle home life, school and work in a way that stretches their relationship with each other and the world in all kinds of unexpected ways. “YTV viewers will love the laugh-a-minute wit and humour of the show, which is taken to the next level by the squash and stretch physical comedy of Luke,” said Jamie Piekarz, Director of Content, Corus Kids. “The show also sends a strong message that it’s okay to be different and that deep down Luke is just like everyone else.”

“We’re proud of this fun and innovative series and hope families will enjoy it across the country,” said Michael Souther, co-founder Amaze Film + Television. “Luke and the Stanleys are a great example of a modern family that embraces its uniqueness in a loving, comedic way, which is exactly the kind of show we wanted to make,” added Teza Lawrence, co-founder Amaze Film + Television.


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