Campaign to raise $1million for eye health inspires local optometrist

October 22, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Blindness is a terrifying idea for most. Anyone who understands and can express the beauty and gift of sight and seeing, even with corrective lenses or contacts, knows what a great and tremendous loss it would be to lose it to accident or illness. But what if you could prevent it?

That’s exactly what local optometrists Drs. Robert Orr and Patrick Brodie want to help do this October during the World Sight Day Challenge, which helps bring optical medical treatment and care to places of need around the world.

The World Sight Day Challenge is widely known as the largest annual global fundraising campaign to address preventable blindness.

In many countries around the world, avoidable blindness develops from uncorrected or refracted error because the victims don’t have the ability to receive an eye exam or corrective lenses calibrated to their need.

Optometry Giving Sight, the only global fundraising initiative that specifically aims to prevent impaired vision and vision loss, has funded 67 projects in 38 countries to date. But with this year’s annual campaign, the organization hopes to bring in $1 million globally, and the doctors want to help.

“We’ve supported Optometry Giving Sight for four years,” said Dr. Brodie. “Preventable blindness is a solvable problem and we are proud to help give sight to those in need. We are thrilled to be contributing towards this year’s one million dollar goal, which will improve the lives of many people.”

As of next Monday (October 27), Dr. Orr and Dr. Brodie will begin doing their part for the charity, by donating half their examination fees, holding a silent auction and bake sale, as well as offering discounts on eyewear.

The Auction that will run throughout the remainder of October will have items which include, a pair of Coach glasses, valued at $250, a year supply of eye contacts, $200, an iPod Nano, $149, and various necklaces from a local artisan.

All proceeds will go to Optometry Giving Sight to help more than 600 million people worldwide who are blind or vision-impaired. For more information on Dr. Brodie and Orr’s  fundraiser, visit their Facebook page, ‘Dor Orr & Dr. Brodie’ or visit


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