Scooter riders mix it up with pros

September 3, 2014   ·   0 Comments

There was a good turnout of scooter enthusiasts at the Orangeville skate park on Sunday, August 24, as they waited for Team SC to arrive on the last leg of their tour.

The scooter team is based out Scooters Canada in Newmarket and has been touring skate parks in the region giving riding demonstrations.

The Team consists of riders from as far away as Sudbury and the Niagara Region.

While local riders gathered and rode the rails and ramps in the park, they were waiting for Team SC to arrive and show off their skills. The Team is comprised of riders who had to qualify to join up.

“The riders submit videos of themselves,” Explained Myles Cullen, event organizer from Scooters Canada. “They put together some astounding edits of themselves riding. The store staff and myself watch the videos and select team members.”

Scooters used to be the method of travel for smaller kids, but with new technology in wheels, they have become another method of zipping around the skate park and riders are able to do some pretty amazing stunts.

The sport is growing and on event day, scooter riders at the park outnumbered all skate and bike riders combined.


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