Ontario’s bloated bureaucracy

May 29, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Except for a few ineffective comments about salary freezes, Kathleen Wynne hasn’t had a constructive thought about the elephant in the room – the Ontario government’s bloated bureaucracy. Presumably she’s content to nibble around the edges of this enormous problem and proceed into the future dragging this parasitic dead-weight behind her.

For instance, there are almost 12,000 employees in Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation who earn over $100,000/year (average salary in this group is $127,000). This does not take into account their pensions, benefits, bonuses, or all the employees who earn less than $100,000.

The cost of hundreds of thousands of Ontario bureaucrats affects all Ontarians who want either to keep our tax dollars ourselves, or have them spent on any number of worthy causes in our society. This money should be reclaimed from Ontario “public servants” and their jaw-dropping sense of entitlement. It has created a two-tiered system – them and the rest of us who keep them in a lifestyle that we can’t afford for ourselves.

Tonia Kelly

Perth, ON


If you don’t care, why should they?


With every election voting numbers decline even further.

In many cases below 50% whether apathy, lack of faith in politicians, for lack of a decent leader, or people just don’t care, numbers are falling.

The few that still at least try to vote are faced with deciding between the devil you know and ones you don’t, while the me generation says why bother, it makes no difference who’s in power.

With politicians only interested in getting rich and no real leaders for decades (at least that care about the future of this once great country) they wound about right!

With scandals at all levels, and the federal government getting rid of public groups that point out such wrong doings, (now even going after the Supreme Court of Canada) sooner or later they could actually take away our right to vote. Why not, look at the money they would save, and just who is gong to stop them! Definitely not the voters when the majority don’t even bother to show up!

The politicians all mud sling and pont fingers but when one of their own is caught they all jump in to save his or per pension (only for their family’s sakes of course). Being privileged has great benefits, don’t you think?

If the people don’t care, why should the politicians?

With Mother Nature running amuck, and politicians lining their pockets, is there any body out there that cares about the future and what’s left for our grandkids and great grands?!

R. G. Dolson



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