Something different – Axe and knife throwing at Far Shot

February 5, 2021   ·   0 Comments

If you’re looking for a new sport that’s different from anything you’ve tried before, Far Shot in Orangeville offers a unique challenge – axe and knife throwing. 

You can try a sport that most likely you’ve only seen on TV with lumberjacks tossing a big axe at a thick cut log. 

Far Shot recently moved to a new location on the Townline. 

It’s a unique sport that allows you to throw an axe at a large target. Where you manage to sink your axe into the target counts for points. 

There’s a variety of different axes that can be used, but the tomahawk style is the most common for beginners. It is balanced and weighted and allows for an easy toss into the thick boards that make the target. 

“It’s all about knowing your distance (from the target),” said Far Shot owner, Benn MacDonald, about throwing technique. “Once you know your distance you can do the same thing every time.” 

Hitting the right place on the target, however, takes some skill and practice. 

The targets are replaced on a regular basis after being chewed up by the axe heads. When there are a lot of people throwing the targets have to be replaced every two hours depending on where the axe has landed. 

There are also throwing knives – a similar throwing sport, but hitting the target with a knife is a lot more challenging. 

The company started in 2016 at a location on Centennial Rd., and recently moved to the Townline location. 

Axe throwing is a sanctioned sport with many competitors. 

Benn is also involved in the sport at an international level. He is a coach and is also a judge who travels around to sanctioned competitions. 

“We have leagues,” Benn explained. “All of our player’s scores are actually ranked world-wide, so you can see where you’re ranked globally. It’s not a hard sport to get in to. It only takes a season or two before you can become competitive. It’s for anybody looking to have a fun time. We’ve had birthday parties, bachelor parties, divorce parties, you name it.” 

Benn has done so well with this business model he was able to go international. He opened two new locations in Syracuse N.Y., and Albany N.Y. 

“It was definitely a challenge to figure out how to manage a place, that I don’t live in – especially in a different country, but we figured it out. We’ve got two more locations coming up. Brampton will be our first Canadian expansion.” 

Far Shot is currently closed to the public due to the pandemic, but once restrictions are lifted, it will be open and ready for action. 


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