Orangeville to team up with Grey County for transit planning

December 3, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Grey County recently expanded its transit services to run a route between Owen Sound and Orangeville, Monday to Friday.

The service began September 14 and fares started being collected November 1.

It’s been a great success so far, with 118 riders, according to Stephanie Stewart, Manager of Transportation for Grey County.

“We’ve been hearing that more and more people would like to connect to Orangeville and go to the Go [stop] or connect to all the services that are being offered in Orangeville,” she said.

“Our most popular destinations are the Go Bus stop in Orangeville at the Orangeville Mall, followed by the downtown location.”

Grey County is changing its transit schedules shortly to allow for more accommodations and scheduled connections to Orangeville, as it’s “the connection that people would like to make,” Stewart noted.

“It’s very exciting to think that people want to come and experience our community, it’s definitely a place worthwhile to visit. Maybe not necessarily at this time but we have the theatre and all kinds of other great events that happen downtown with farmers markets and all of our festivals, so for more people to have access is wonderful,” said Coun. Debbie Sherwood

Stewart said Grey County is currently working with Town of Orangeville staff and Dufferin County to develop a vehicle for hire bylaw, which will allow for seamless travel via transit throughout the two Counties.


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