New hockey rules speeding up the game

November 20, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The new rules put in place by Hockey Canada on how to conduct games is making a big difference on the ice.

There are only house league games going on right now. Rep hockey has not started this year due to restrictions on travel and most likely there won’t be any rep hockey this year at all.

Under the new rules, teams are playing either three-on-three or four-on-four hockey.

With fewer players on the ice the entire dynamics of the game has changed.

It’s harder for teams to mount much of a defence – especially with only three-on-three hockey.

As a result there is a lot more opportunity for shots on net and a lot more goals are being scored.

It’s also easier to create a break-away situation if you catch two players in your zone and manage to pass the puck out to your forward player.

With the lack of rep hockey, many rep team players are now on house league teams. This can change the entire game.

One of the biggest factors in changing the pace of the game is the lack of face-offs.

Games are started by one team taking possession of the puck behind the red line and taking it into the opposing team’s zone.

The same applies to both off-sides and when the goalies freezes the puck.

If an off-side is called, the attacking team has to go back to the red line and the defending team takes possession of the puck.

The same situation happens if a goalie freezes the puck and play is temporarily stopped.

The lack of face-offs speeds up the game on the ice as there is no stoppage in play and the puck is just cycled and teams get right back at it.

It speeds up the game but means players are running out of a gas a little quicker.

Players seem to be adapting to the changes are enjoying being out on the ice.


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