Everyone wants Donald

September 11, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

It occurred to me, one moment, thinking about things in general: the Movers and Shakers of the United States of America want Donald Trump to be President. Bipartisan, across the aisle, I am now convinced that Donald is useful and more manipulated than anyone would believe.

There cannot be any other reason for his continued success.

There has never been a USA president that has brought such international embarrassment and condemnation as this one. I know many Americans, a whole class of Americans, a whole educational and narrow level of Americans, think they don’t care what other countries think about them, their country or their President. Truth is it matters how any leader or representative of any country presents him or herself in this “Global Village.”

How many presidents have inspired their own family, closest former associates, esteemed journalists, and a long list of others to write books about the president’s bad behaviour, incompetence, misinformation, dishonesty and chaos?

How many have burned the Twitter wires during the night? How many have the Fox Morning Show hosts actually shut down, while he babbles nonsensically to them?

How many have actually had their tweets removed by Twitter – or something similar to that? 

Foreign diplomats have reported to their governments about his tactics and style, his policies. He has broken the law for all to see; his flagrant sexism, racism, all of it – is like a boast to him. Whatever illegal, immoral, inappropriate thing he does or says, he does for the whole world to watch. Whoever heard of such a leader of a so-called democracy? He has led his country to carry the highest incidence of Coronavirus in the western world. 

I speak in generalities, I know, but we have all heard the numbers, names and stories; his endless nonsense quotations: comedians have all but worn the humour out: how often can anyone keep laughing at an American president who is so flawed, such a buffoon?

And yet, the real villains in this piece are the Republicans themselves, who know the veracity of the impeachment, when Congress brought Trump to account and, still the Republican Senators, while admitting to his guilt, they exonerated him and set him free. No, they have set an impeached president up to be re-elected. 

Even the President of the United States is still only one man, although this one has been placed above the law by his fellows. That is the point. They not only accept all his misdemeanours and crazy ways; they are going along with his possible mental decline, his waffling; his complete ignorance of facts. Either lies or just doesn’t know and just doesn’t care. Neither do they: they’ll have him, warts and all.

Aye, but here’s the logic: according Worldometres, the population of the United States currently stands at 331,357,517, give or take new statistics since Tuesday of this week. In all that vast number, the Republicans did not find a better candidate to run as President this time around and the only person the Democrats could come up with is Joe Biden, at 77, the oldest person ever to run for the weighty position of President.

Would a large, medium or even smallish corporation give Joe a job, considering his age alone? People in their sixties, competent and experienced, in good health, can’t get jobs because of their age.

Joe Biden is a nice guy, who loves Unions and promises to give them back what they may feel they’ve lost but Joe is just a guy and the 74-year-old Donald is a monster, an anomaly.

I think, on some weird level that is part of the political background, that both Republicans and Democrats want Donald Trump in the Oval office. There has to be a way in which his perversity, obnoxiousness, craziness works for them. His total lack of balance and clarity; his deep insincerity; his heavy footed social ineptitude.

This all must suit them all somehow. Let us not pretend to know anything about the dark conversations of those back rooms, cigar smoke fog, maybe whiskey infused. Or, stone cold, sober plots for – no one dares to guess. 

So many people talk with dread about the chance of another four years with Donald in the White House, pushing voters to break the law by voting twice – are those shrieks of laughter we hear behind the scenes? How do they reward him. What treats? What promises? 

Those that worry should hang on, because it is extremely likely that Donald will win again. His so-called supporters are the most duped and lied to Americans of the 331 plus million; their fears and weaknesses encouraged; those little tokens they have received played up to be great gestures.

That good old guy, Joe Biden, cannot beat Donald Trump with the money being thrown at Trump to win. Nothing he has said, done or not done has diminished that tainted star that first put him in the president’s chair. My bet is, he’ll be back in it, come November.


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