EDITORIAL: A better spot to swim

July 10, 2020   ·   0 Comments

ONE THING SADLY LACKING in Orangeville is easy access to a spot for outdoor swimming, and few residents realize that we once had it.

The place was the little man-made lake in Monora Park, which had a small beach and water that was kept pretty clean.

Credit Valley Conservation opted to replace the swimming hole with a beach on Island Lake, but it never became popular and has often had to be closed because of high bacterial counts.

Perhaps the time has come for Orangeville and Mono councils to have a joint look at developing Mono Park into a local tourist attraction by providing not only a rejuvenated swimming hole but restoring the campground once offered by CVC, which had access via the dam at the south end of the pond.

It should strike a lot of residents of both towns as sad that a summertime attraction that was available when Orangeville had fewer than Mono’s current 9,000 residents no longer exists.

Perhaps a local campground is a long-term objective, but we think thought should be given to re-opening the little beach and seeing how many folks try it out in this unusually hot summer.


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