Brothers enjoyed every hockey fan’s dream

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By Tabitha Wells – It’s every hockey fan’s dream to have the chance to meet a hockey legend, hang out with them and watch a game.  For local brothers Scott and Derek Morrison, their two brothers and their father, that dream was made a reality only a few weeks ago.

MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises campaign aims at finding ways to give something back to their cardholders who keep their business thriving, and on March 8th they teamed up with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to bring a priceless experience for their fans.

“As sports fans, we know how exciting it is to watch your favourite team in action and we believe enhancing that experience is what makes for a memorable time,” Milos Vranesevic, VP & Head of Marketing, MasterCard Canada, said in a press release.

The Morrisons met up for dinner at Real Sports Bar in Toronto, where a waitress began approaching tables and letting them know they had two free tickets available for the Leafs game, if anyone wanted them. The customers all said yes, until they reached the Morrisons’ table, and the group politely declined.

“We had booked this night, and we don’t get together that often outside of Christmas and the odd birthday,” explained Scott Morrison. “To get out for a day or a night with the Morrison boys, it just doesn’t happen. So we already had it in our heads what was going on that day. In all honesty it wasn’t even a second thought – whatever happened, we were doing it as a group of five.”

Moments later, Doug Gilmour approached the table, shook their hands, and told them they were coming to the Leaf’s Game to spend the night with him. According to Mr. Morrison, the whole family bleeds blue as die-hard leaf fans, and do not allow any other jersey’s at their family dinner, which just added to the intensity of what was happening.

“It was pure shock. Doug Gilmour came back, tapped me on the shoulder and asked ‘what’s this, you don’t want to go to the Leaf’s game?’,” said Mr. Morrison. “It’s not every day that you have a hockey legend invite you to watch a hockey game with him. He was with us through the entire game. We talked hockey, we talked trades, and we talked about what he was up to. He’s just a great, really down to earth guy.”

Mr. Morrison said it was an incredible experience to spend the evening with him, just hanging out at the game. When they reached the box they would be staying in, they found Doug Gilmour Jerseys there for each of them and they had them all signed before the end of the night.

“We’re actually going to be framing our jerseys with the ticket stub and the picture of all five of us with Doug,” said Mr. Morrison. “It was just an incredible night. Like the title of the campaign says, it was completely priceless.

“I’ll never be able to top that hockey sports experience.”

He added that they owed MasterCard and Doug Gilmour a huge thank-you for the night, the jerseys and the experience of a lifetime.


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