Focus on renewable energy

February 27, 2020   ·   0 Comments

Now that the Trans Mountain pipeline appears to be going ahead, Teck Frontier wants approval for another tar sand mine. The biggest ever and one which, if it goes ahead, will spew 4 million tons of carbon into the air for the next 41 years every year. That’s more then a train with a 100 rail cars full of carbon every single day! Bearing in mind the climate change influenced fires in Australia, California, ocean level rise and melting of polar ice caps etc. we can’t afford such a contribution to global warming. I fully sympathize with Albertans’s desire to make a good living but this project should not be approved. Apart from the ecology concerns it’s not likely to be a feasible undertaking. Tar sand extraction needs oil to be priced above $75 a barrel but it’s now $52. The demand for fossil fuels has to and will go down. Some of the worlds biggest cities are going to ban combustion engined vehicles as soon as 2025. Volkswagen will only produce electric cars by 2030 , other makes following suit. Fossil fuels are fast becoming energy of the past and investing in the Teck mine will not provide long term prosperity for Canadians in Alberta. The best for our western provinces is to have them refocus on renewable energy and they can for sure be successful doing that.

If our current government approves this project I believe that I’ll be one of many who will not support them in the next election, whenever it comes.

Eric Bzikot

Mount Forest resident


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