Westside Thunder junior boys compete at District championship

February 27, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

After good season that saw them finish in second place in the District 4 standings, the Westside Secondary School Thunder junior boys basketball team went to Shelburne to take on the Centre Dufferin District High School Royals for the District championship.

The Thunder had a 7 – 3 record for the season scoring 494 points over the ten games.

In their semi-final playoff game they were up against the third place Erin District High School.

That game resulted in a 46-40 win for Westside after a tight battle that produced an exciting game with both teams working hard to get the edge.

The win earned the Royals the right to go to the District championship.

The title game took place in Shelburne on Monday, February 24.

The Centre Dufferin team finished the season in first place and were undefeated going into the championship game.

The Thunder gave a good challenge in the first quarter but let the lead slip away.

At the half they were trailing 47-20.

The final was 86-36 for Centre Dufferin.

“We came out with a couple of objectives for the year,” said coach Kurt McMurray of the team’s success in the season. “We wanted to come out and play with good sportsmanship throughout the season. The first thing I want to applaud my team on is we came out and showed what a good team we could be. That proved a lot. I was proud of them for doing that. The second thing is we had a big hill to climb. They (Shelburne) had a plus-300 differential for the season so they were a good team coming in. We had a lot to build on to try to be competitive against them. I think we stuck to what we had learned in practice and built on that through the season and we got to a point where, particularly in this game, we played pretty hard.”

The fact that the squad had good season was due to each player knowing what they had to do on the court.

“What it came down to, was the guys were able to find a role on the team, and not and try to do too much,” McMurray said. “We had a range of different abilities – a pretty diverse team. The guys did anything they could to help the team. I think everyone found that role and they weren’t being selfish. I think that contributed to our second place finish.”

As District 4 champions, the Centre Dufferin District High School Royals will now go on to represent the District a regional competition at CWOSSA.


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