OPS won’t meet projected revenue targets outlined in 2019 budget

October 10, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Mike Baker

It would appear that the Orangeville Police Service will not be successful in its attempts to provide a “zero percent increase” to its budget in 2019.

On Monday evening, local resident Noel Ramsay questioned Orangeville Council over what he perceived to be inaccurate numbers included in OPS’ 2019 budget document.

“As Council goes forward trying to do an analysis and comparison (between OPS and OPP), I feel it’s imperative to have the correct facts in front of you, as well as all the emotional issues that have been coming up,” Mr. Ramsay began.

OPS’ 2019 budget was slated to come in at a net cost of $8.1 million to the Town. That number was based on the local service projecting it would bring in a record $1.946 million in revenues this year. At a Police Services Board meeting on Sept. 17, Police Chief Wayne Kalinski said forecasted revenues through criminal background checks, slated to be around $570,000, were significantly off.

“I believe those criminal record check revenues are going to be in the $300,000 range, versus the $570,000 range that was projected,” said Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown. “Not only are those numbers upside down this year, but going forward we have learned that criminal record checks are going online, so that entire revenue stream is likely in jeopardy moving forward.”

Mr. Ramsay wondered if this shortfall would be considered by the consultant tasked with carrying out a review of both the OPS and OPP service models, for Council consideration prior to them making a final decision. Orangeville CAO Ed Brennan noted the consultant will be made aware of the issue. Mr. Ramsay also asked that the public be made aware of the information.

“The perception right now is that OPS is tracking to make its budget and we’ve learned that may not be the case,” Mr. Ramsay said. 

Coun. Todd Taylor, who sits on the Orangeville Police Services Board, noted this was a concern, both for him and Council.

“I have been concerned about this now for a few (PSB) meetings. Be it $300,000 or $400,000 overspent on the police budget, I share (Mr. Ramsay’s) concerns. I’m worried we’ve going to overspend on that line,” Coun. Taylor stated. “I don’t think it’s going to impact the decision we’re going to make, my concern is more for this year fiscally. It’s looking like we’re going to overspend on a major line on the budget. It’s not happened yet, but I believe it’s going to happen and it’s not a good thing.”


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