Naturalized, or abandoned?

August 15, 2019   ·   0 Comments

WE THINK ORANGEVILLE COUNCIL needs to take a hard look at the consequences of a well-intentioned bylaw concerning public green spaces.

Passed by a previous council, the bylaw called for the “naturalization” of spaces that at the time were simply treated like lawns and mown when the grass got too long.

But Elisa Gardner told Council Monday that the bylaw has simply resulted in the green space near her home in the town’s westernmost subdivision being overgrown.

As we see it, the real problem lies in the appropriate definition of “naturalization.”

There’s little doubt that the land in question was once forested, or that the land was cleared by one of our pioneer farmers.

Whether or not that’s really the case, we think that in this era of climate change, “naturalization” of any public spaces should include thoughtful reforestation.

Granted, that would involve expenses not encountered by simple abandonment in hopes some form of forestation would eventually occur naturally.

Just as subdividers are usually required to plant trees on residents’ boulevards, the Town should have to do just as much in its green spaces.


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