Diversity is no panacea

July 25, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

‘United we stand, divided we fall.’

That phrase is a saying that goes back as far as ancient Greece and has been originally attributed to Aesop, the Greek storyteller.

The meaning of the phrase is quite simple: collaboration builds things.

It’s a common-sense approach to many things from putting together a political party to playing as a team on the sports field.

Have you every seen what happens when one half of a football team doesn’t know the play they are about to execute? The other team, who have their act together, will tear them apart on the field.

That ideology is reiterated in the New Testament where it says, “Every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.’ 

Again, the idea is divisiveness simply does not work when working towards a goal.

Looking back in history, many great leaders have understood quite well, the saying to “divide and conquer.” 

What better way to subjugate your opponents than to cause them to divide among themselves, thus creating a weaker front?

Whether in wartime, politics, the workplace, or international affairs, if you can destroy the unity of your opponent, you have the upper hand.

There is an old movie (old by today’s standards at least) from 1983, called Under Fire. Starring quite a few big names from the time – Nick Nolte, Ed Harris, Joanna Cassidy, and Gene Hackman. It’s a great film. While it is of course a movie and therefore fiction, but loosely based on a true story, there is a scene based on real C.I.A. tactics that show exactly how to divide and conquer. 

There is a war in an African country between the government and rebel forces. The government has several aircraft, however it lacks qualified pilots to fly them. They hire Cuban pilots to fly their aging jet fighters.

The C.I.A. distributes thousands of leaflets with a photo of a mansion, and a dollar figure printed in large letters. It’s a very catchy leaflet!

The leaflets say that any Cuban pilot who will defect and land his aircraft at an American base will receive that house and the money as a reward.

Here’s the trick – there is no mansion and no reward. However the African government doesn’t know that and forbids the Cuban pilots access to the aircraft for fear that one will defect.

The result is the government actually grounds their own air force. The rebels defeat the air force without firing a single shot. Clever! 

Recently U.S. president Donald Trump said something that made people mad or upset – what else is new?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by saying “the diversity of our country is actually one of our greatest strengths and a source of tremendous resilience.” 

Yup, Trudeau’s mantra of diversity manifests itself yet again. How many times have we heard the P.M. say ‘diversity is our strength?’ 

I don’t know what his real agenda is or why he is constantly trying to push the idea that diversity is a positive thing.

No other politicians are repeating this phrase – even in his own party – but every time he speaks publicly he throws in the word ‘diversity’ as if he believe if he keeps repeating it eventually everyone will believe it. 

I would assume his constant reference to diversity it an attempt to gain favour for his immigration policies.

Yet, just about every immigrant I know, if not all, don’t seem to have any interest in separating themselves from the rest of the population to celebrate their diversity. 

Most people who settle in an new country with the intention of remaining for the rest of their lives and raising their children there, want to become a part of that society.

Why would you move to a new neighborhood and deliberately not meet your neighbors or insist your children not learn the language, meet other kids at school, or let them participate in a baseball game because your ‘culture’ never played on the diamond?

In a society currently demanding ‘inclusivity’ for everyone, how is promoting diversity a positive thing?

People are free to celebrate their cultures here and many do. However, too many are  staying within a separate culture all the time, and not embracing the culture that has welcomed them. That will never foster good relations or a sense of national pride.

Trudeau has it completely backwards. Diversity does not create a ‘source of tremendous resilience.”

Unity and standing together is what creates a great society.


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