Things are heating up

June 28, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

Several years ago I used to work with a guy who had an uncanny ability to predict certain world events.

He predicted the war in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq before it was ever in the public’s ability to see it coming. 

I recall him saying an invasion of Iraq by the US was ‘inevitable’ and it was ‘going to happen no matter what,’ although at the time he said he didn’t know what the trigger point would be. 

He also predicted a lot of other weird things to do with world leaders and celebrities which also came true. 

He was an interesting guy.

I don’t think he was a prophet or a seer, but he sure did spend a lot of time researching things, events, past events, and trends on the internet. He also spent a considerable amount time researching conspiracy theories and theorists. 

One of things he mentioned during the Iraq war was that Iran would be next. Again he said it was ‘inevitable’ and the plans were already in motion.

Maybe he just got lucky in his predictions but the events currently unfolding in that part of the world and the saber rattling that has been going on over the past few years indicate that there is a lot more trouble brewing in that part of the world.

The Iran government brings a lot of problems on themselves. There’s no doubt about that. 

Note the reference to the Iranian government – not the Iranian people.

The Iranian political system is based on the post revolution constitution of 1979 which placed a religious leader in charge as ‘Supreme Leader.’ 

It doesn’t take a team of political scientists to realize that this was not going to turn out well.

The country has a very poor record on human rights, frequently persecutes and arrests government critics, oppresses women’s and children’s rights, and controls the media.

The country’s nuclear program has been a source of contention since 2005 with many countries concerned Iran was moving towards building nuclear weapons.

Neighboring countries are understandably nervous about having nuclear weapons next door – especially Israel. 

While the Iran government has been posing and posturing as a military power in recent years, their actual might is questionable at best.

The most obvious example was the debut of their new stealth fighter a few years ago. It didn’t take a trained expert to notice something was wrong with the photo. The pilot looked like he was sitting on a kitchen chair in the cockpit – you could see his knees. No one has seen this new ‘fighter’ actually fly since then. 

This goes along with a few other weapons they have shown to the world that may or may not exist other than as paper maché mock-ups. 

The U.S. recently sent an aircraft carrier and bomber task force to the Gulf as a direct warning to Iran.

On June 17, the U.S. 1000 more troops to the Middle East for ‘defensive purposes.” On June 20, Iran shot down an American drone that they claimed was in their air space. 

Yes, things are heating up. 

Does the U.S. need to be there at all?

Why would the average American even support another war against a foreign country in the Middle East?

The Iraq War was a disaster on many levels, and it accomplished absolutely nothing.

There were no weapons of mass destruction found and the end result was a country that was left highly unstable and much of it it ruins. The numbers of civilian deaths vary, but around 150,000 totally innocent people died.

The U.S. lost around 4,400 soldiers, with thousands more wounded – and for what?

Serving your country in the armed forces and defending your country is admirable and possibly heroic at times. 

However, there is nothing heroic about returning the remaining body parts of a naive corn-fed Iowa farm boy to his parents even if the local media plays it up with the standard photo of a family member being handed the flag that draped the casket. 

Being dead at age 20 is not heroic – especially when you died invading a foreign country on the other side of the world that poses no direct threat to your nation.

There may be trouble brewing in the region of the world, however, that region should deal with it themselves.

The West can’t always get involved in problems everywhere else on the planet.

It certainly isn’t worth the end result of people being reduced to a list of statics on a body count report. 


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