4th annual Public Bike Ride coming June 15.

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By Makayla Pereira

On Saturday June 15 2019, the Town of Orangeville along with councillor Grant Peters will be hosting the fourth annual Public Bike Ride.

The ride will begin at Kin Family Park, 485 College Avenue at 9 a.m. and will come to an end at the Orangeville Farmers’ Market just before 10 a.m.

In 2016 the Orangeville Rotary Club sponsored the first-ever bike lane in Orangeville, following this the first public bike ride was established to promote different ways to travel through Orangeville. The town now has a total of three bike lanes that will be explored during the annual Public Bike Ride this June. 

The Orangeville Rotary Club stated the following on their website, “the grand opening for the Town of Orangeville’s new and official bike route – Rotary Way – took place on Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Over one hundred riders took part in the opening, riding their bikes from Princess Elizabeth Public School, along Elizabeth Street, 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, to end at Alexandra Park and the Orangeville Farmers’ Market. The Orangeville Rotary Club sponsored the bike route with a donation of $20,000.”

Councillor Peters says that the annual Public Bike Ride usually brings anywhere from 50 to 100 citizens of Orangeville out to participate. Citizens of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join the ride with their bicycles, roller blades, skateboards or any other non-motorized.

As part of their community outreach the Orangeville Police Service will be escorting the ride to ensure it runs efficiently and no one falls behind. Their efforts each year during the ride have been greatly appreciated as they allow those who are coming out for the first time the ability to feel safe as they learn how to use the bike lanes.

“The whole point of the routes and the ride is to get people comfortable with riding their bikes around town and leaving their cars at home and are finding new routes to get places. It’s about promoting safety and awareness,” says Mr. Peters.

The Orangeville cycling lanes have been created and placed in specific areas to allow members of the community to travel safely throughout town but still be able to arrive at schools, parks and other popular areas of Orangeville.

Mr. Peters goes on to say, “We are looking to implement a bit of a mentor program. There are plenty of cyclist with confidence around town that know what they’re doing and are following the rules of the road. We looking to put them in touch with those that want to cycle more but don’t currently have the skills that are required of them, the program will give new riders the right instructions.”

He also mentions that there are still some pieces of the puzzle that need to be addressed, such as increasing the number of bike racks around town.

As a way to grow and connect the town of Orangeville, there will soon be many more bike lanes to offer the community as plans for a new Cycling and Trails Master Plan will be finalized shortly.

Every member of the community is invited to attend the ride on the morning of June 15, grab your non-motorized ways of transportation and join the group in bringing awareness to the bike lanes in Orangeville.


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