OAP revamp unfair

February 28, 2019   ·   0 Comments

As a single mother of a child with autism, I, like many other families are more than frustrated and angry with these upcoming changes to revamp the OAP. So not only will I have to figure out my own services, I’ll have to foot the bill for most of it.

I make over $55,000 but I’m a single income household with no other financial support. How am I supposed to assist my child when I make just enough money to cover my current bills? I don’t have hundreds or thousands of extra dollars at my disposal so that my child can get proper treatment.

I pay into these social services. I give a huge chunk of each pay check to help support government spending. However, it appears that my hard earned money won’t be given back to me during my time of need. I’m being bled dry financially, left out in the cold when I need help and raked over the coals because I make too much. Every case needs to be taken into perspective; as an individual.

So because I make income over the threshold but not enough to actually help my child, she falls through the cracks and gets next to nothing to help her?! Somehow this seems rather unfair, don’t you think? What a slap in the face to the families who work hard to provide for their families and pay into these social services, only to be told, thanks for your money, now go fend for yourselves.

Maybe I should re-think how much of my financial contributions will be to paid to the government. Perhaps I should cut back on my income offerings so I can then qualify for social assistance to help my child have a fighting chance in this world.  Oh, how those families who try so hard to make ends meet are the ones that get screwed over the most! 

This issue can’t be so black and white.

Sam Coutts

Orangeville resident


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