ISIS Wives

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By Brian Lockhart

It is hard to fathom the mindset of people who do something so contrary to common sense that no amount of counselling or persuading will change their mind.

Every few years you will read a story about some maniacal serial killer who has left a trail of destruction and is finally caught and put behind bars. For some reason these people who have shown absolute disregard for human life also have many admirers. Some have even married while behind bars.

“You don’t know him like I know him,” seems to be the response from women, who for some reason, find a man who has murdered women for sport and has no prospect of ever being released from prison, to be a good catch as a husband.

Serial killer Paul Bernardo has his followers including the looney-toon woman who showed up at his trial wearing a Karla Holmolka-inspired wig.

Over the past few years, the same mindset that attracts women to murderers has also seen young women travelling overseas to join ISIS and become ISIS wives.

However, they soon learn that becoming a part of a group that treats women as property isn’t all that glamorous. In fact, hanging out at the local mall where they grew up suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Probably the most noted case of regret was the two young girls from Britain who ran off to join ISIS. 

They soon found that when you sleep with dogs you catch fleas. The young girls didn’t find the life they thought they were searching for. Instead of becoming ISIS wives, they found themselves being abused as sex slaves as is the custom with women there, and passed around through the group.

One of the girls died during a bombing. The other girl had her skull crushed with a hammer after making it known she wanted to go home.

Now that the so-called ‘Caliphate’ has been all but crushed, there is the problem of what to do with people who joined and now want to return to a life in the western countries that they so hated they were willing to kill fellow citizens.

Yes, those same men who raped and murdered those two girls think they should be allowed to return home without being punished for their crimes, and enjoy the benefits of western society after attempting to destroy it. 

What to do with returning fighters is a whole different column.

Now there are several ‘ISIS wives’ attempting to come home to several countries and they are not getting much help from the governments they tried to help destroy.

In the U.S. there is the case of a woman from Alabama, who joined ISIS and was one of the most prominent agitators who openly called for the “blood of Americans to be spilled.” 

The U.S government is denying her request to return to its soil – and with good reason. Why would you want a person who called for the murder of your citizens living on your shores?

Publicly she urged people to ‘go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them.’

There are several woman currently living in refugee camps who want to return to Canada after leaving and joining a group who’s purpose was to destroy the west.

The Canadian government does not have a diplomatic presence in the region and so far has done little to repatriate these women. 

An informal poll asked Canadians, yes, that’s Canadian CITIZENS, whether they supported helping these people to return to Canadian soil. The result was an overwhelming NO – with around 99 per cent of people responding stating they don’t want them here. 

The excuse now is they were ‘brainwashed,’ and should be allowed to return. They want to return here to enjoy the safety, security, and prosperity of the culture and society they tried to destroy.

One woman interviewed said ‘she wants her two young sons and unborn child to grow up in a safe environment and have access to a proper education.”

If she was so concerned about her children being safe and getting a good education, why would she deliberately take to them to a war zone in the first place?

These people wanted to destroy our culture, our society, and the freedoms we enjoy, and now they want the benefit of that same society?

All we can say at this point, and the vast majority of Canadians agree, is “good luck living in the refugee camp for the next 20 years. You asked for it, you got it.”

Sometimes when you bite the hand that feeds you, the hand hits back.


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