Town, Amaranth settle dispute over access to Pullen well

February 15, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By James Matthews

Orangeville will pay $500,000 to Amaranth Township for disputed land that includes a well drilled by developers long ago for a subdivision that never was built.

The settlement concerning the Pullen Well was decided during a private session Feb. 11 prior to council’s public meeting. Mayor Sandy Brown said the settlement includes $500,000 that will be held in escrow and may be covered by development charges.

The agreement is between Orangeville, Amaranth, and developers Hamount Investments and LaurelPark Investments.

“The parties have now resolved their differences regarding the ownership of the lands on which the Pullen Well is located,” Mayor Brown said.

Orangeville has been trying for years to acquire the Pullen Well in order to expand its municipal drinking water supply.

Orangeville’s previous council agreed in March 2018 to swap an undesignated portion of the Town-owned Humber lands with developers for a 42.41 acre plot in Amaranth that includes the well.

As staff sought to reach a deal with landowners Valleygrove Investments and Hamount Investments, Amaranth Township intervened and contested the deal’s legality.

The crux of Amaranth’s gripe was that the township believed the developers still planned to build a residential subdivision at the site and would require Amaranth’s consent to transfer the land to Orangeville.


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