Westminster United Church’s sanctuary renovations complete

September 28, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Westminster United Church has recently completed renovations of its sanctuary that offer new flexibility for events and worship.

The new sanctuary has a re-designed chancel with retractable platforms, state-of-the-art system, Wi-Fi throughout the building, a re-vamped lighting system and two retractable projection screens. A new seating system has installed individual seats, along with keeping pews on the side, in all accommodating 280 people.

Church archivist Steve Brown says the seating plan gives the sanctuary a multiple purpose. “What the chairs in the middle give us is flexibility for different kinds of seating plans and the ability to accommodate different events.” He says they can straighten them, or put tables in and put chairs around them for a conference.

The minister, Rev. Sandra McLauchlan Abuja, agrees with Mr. Brown on the flexibility, adding the mobility of the seats can make the sanctuary another concert event in Town.

“The other thing I’m hoping is that the community of Orangeville will see this sanctuary as also a venue to be able to hold cultural events, musical events. Arts and culture.”

The six-month reconstruction project began in May, directed by general contractor Don Lepage of Lepage Contracting. The Property Action Group and Facility Utilization Team collaborated with the architectural firm Dickinson and Hicks.

Mr. Brown says the old balconies, floors, and pew system divided people in the church, but the renovations make congregation whole and more social. “It’s new, it’s fresh, but it respects the historical integrity of the building.”

Rev. Abuja says Westminster is very involved with outreach in Orangeville, and the renovations enhance that outreach. “Our idea is wellness, whether it be spiritual wellness or physical wellness.”


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