Uncluttered Mono

September 14, 2018   ·   0 Comments

ORANGEVILLE RESIDENTS who are tired of seeing the visual pollution caused by hundreds of election signs being posted by candidates in an election that’s still more than a month away should take a drive through Mono.

Although it’s not like East Garafraxa, where the absence of such signs is a result of acclamations for the township council, Mono’s nine candidates for the five seats on town council have thus far stuck to a tradition of using other means of communicating with the town’s 7,500 eligible voters.

In Mono, the absence of election signs stems from a tradition rather than any bylaw banning them. Instead, communication is by brochure and all-candidates’ meetings.

We wonder whether any serious study has been done on the effectiveness of election signs that contain little more than a candidate’s name and the office he or she is seeking.  Even the benefit of name recognition seems to diminish both when the candidate is an incumbent and when there are so many signs that passersby simply look the other way.


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